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Thursday, February 07, 2008

The Call for Epochal Leadership

Yet another article with political overtones. I like the thrust of this one quite a lot
The Call for Epochal Leadership: "Momentous change calls for a special kind of leader: a pilgrim, not a passenger. Such a leader is willing to embark on a journey through uncharted territory. Epochal leaders from Moses to FDR have used their spirit, vision, and skills to build a bridge from one era to the next. They not only provide safe passage through transition but also transform our sense of the future from dread to exultation. Epochal leaders are called by crisis, and it is the nature of historical change that such leaders must be propelled by instinct—not experience."

According to James Couzens, Ford's first financial chief, "To the undertaking neither Ford nor I brought any considerable experience…I imagine if we had more experience we might have gone about our work differently. Certainly we should have known that many of our most successful innovations could not possibly succeed!"
Now, I suppose that the argument in favour of experience in Politics would be that, unlike business, the Political world is not a vacuum and as such you can't just come up with a brilliant idea to trample your rivals. Of course , the experienced candidates seem much more prone to confrontational politics than what Obama has shown so far.


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