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Tuesday, January 30, 2007

I am a (bit of a) genius

Why do I always want to put a u in genius?

Anyway I'm proud of myself. I just tried to buy a case of Abandon from which is a great wine (the last 4 bottles I had... they've only got about 10 more cases of the 2004... and there's no white left on my shelf... so it's needed.. also a case is only $15 a bottle which is well into a decent price range... (can't drink $25 bottles all the time)

anyway I failed. I've left all my credit cards at home to force me to think before I buy things.... which works great until I'm at home with a few drinks in me but... for now... I didn't spend the money woohoo!

which is good 'cause I have a package to send, and bills/rent to pay and an apartment to clean up (it's a pig-sty) (no offense to the pigs) I know I've been saying that forever but it really is getting embarrassing... even if no one else has/will see it... and that's really saying something

I am the chosen one.

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Rage against eMusic

Now... as much as I like the eMusic service (legit non-DRM mp3's from small labels and independent artists) I have to say that their 30-day billing cycle fucking sucks. It means that the day your downloads refresh and your card is billed change every month. getting earlier all the time. I picked my billing date to be after payday so that I'd actually have money but now it's before. then I set up a reminder so I wouldn't let my monthly downloads expire but of course that date changed too so now I've missed a couple of months of downloads because of this fucking thing.... it's almost enough to make me cancel my account... I'll it on it for a bit until I'm cooled down.... way to angry to make a decision now. Grrrrrr


Tuesday, January 23, 2007


He said the words "Global Climate Change"!!!!!!


The Apocalypse is nigh!!!!!!

Repent Ye Sinners!

wow... I wonder if he's gonna do anything about it?

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