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Monday, February 12, 2007

Work Work Work

The dentist is always a fun way to start off the week... :D

Now my mouth feels alien... but clean! Had to rinse with some horrible raspberry vinegar stuff for an oral cancer screening.. ick! But I'm clear so that's good :)

Then stopped to get the oil in my car changed... which was over due by about double the recommended mileage and ever more than that for time... So that was good then drove back into town in the wet salty conditions and am only just getting settled into the working day now (:))

Yup.... finally going to take my "new" computer home from the office today... just need to tidy the apartment soon before I get too much guilt for being distracted by a new toy...

K on with the show! (and yeah if there are comments I need to reply to I'll probably get around to those tonight!)

OMGZ Giant Rabbits! Run!


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