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Friday, February 09, 2007

ah glorious friday night in

I'm so tired!!!! and am looking forward to sleeping (but if you know my number I still won't mind being woken up in the morning)

It's been a long week.. probably one of the most difficult LDR weeks I've had in a long long time.... came quite unexpectedly... I'm probably hormonal or something :P

yeah... Hmmmm not really sure what I have to say at this point.... I was going to drink much more heavily tonight... but 2/3 of a bottle of merlot (from my sweeties dad at xmas) appears to have been plenty.... it really started to open up after it had been decanted about an hour... started a bit dry but some pirogys did the trick to soften it (with the time)

MMMMmmmmm beddy bye for little ol' me

OMGZ Giant Rabbits! Run!


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