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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

food labeling
I'd love to add at the end of the first paragraph, some about how similar failure to account for future "externalities" also leads to massive national health burdens from unhealthy products.
of course that's not at all what the article is about.... I just decided today that high taxes on fatty/unhealthy/etc food would be a very effective way to get people to eat healthier and simultaneously fund the health care system. I think it's a thought I've had before.
unfortunately the food industry would lobby really really hard to prevent that from happening.

Anyway... ummm my life? I had a really nice bath on sunday. and totally almost went to a concert last night. but if the pizza we had before not getting into the concert had been twice as expensive I probably would have eaten half as much.

about as useful as the ability to regurgitate whole lobsters.


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