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Tuesday, July 31, 2007


Possibly the best idea Ever.

Yes I know there have been a lot of these for me recently. Shhhhh...

Here's the deal. It's an MMO where you get exp for Doing chores around
your Actual house!

I need this kind of motivation. Seriously.

I'm really excited to start playing.
But playing with myself is no fun.

So if you want to join me in getting your living space livable, join my party! (this link will
expire in 3 days, if you find this sometime after that... just let me
know and I'll welcome you with open arms)

Disclaimer: I've not actually "played" yet... I just signed up. I love
the idea, but if it's not as awesome as I've made it sound, that's
totally not my fault.

In the Arena of Logic, I fight unarmed.
-RM -


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