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Monday, February 26, 2007

Ick! that smells foul.

Well.... I finally figured out why all my laundry has been smelling of
fish...apparently I didn't check my pockets very well last time I did
laundry and left some vitamins and omega-3/krill oil pills in a
pocket. Unfortunately being gel caps the gel "melted" and stuck all
over the inside of the pocket.. trying to clean it out has now made my
apartment stink of funky fish... eeeewwwww....

I do like taking the vitamins and fish oil... I've also added broken
cell wall Cholera to my "regimen" which I'm not sure are doing
anything but.. :) The vitamins are good and the omega-3s are good... I
should really make ginko a more regular part of it too....

but I really do need to get a mini pill bottle for those times that I
want to take some with me... 'cause the smell? seriously gross.

OMGZ Giant Rabbits! Run!


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