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Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Bully "Controversy"

So i've seen a bit about this the last few days... "Bully from Rockstar now with more hot Gay boy-boy loving with your youth violence."

What follows was my over research when my SO (yes I'm being pointlessly gender neutral about her. deal with it.) pointed it out over in
  • A:the last tag in Tycho's rant is actually quite interesting... should kick up a storm anyway! (the comments beneath the vid are kinda scary though)
  • S:the one about EA buying Ubisoft?
  • or wait.... that's gabe...

    Ummmmm there's a vid? wait a sec I didn't see that... I'm to go look again
  • Oh the gay kissing in Bully? I missed that the first time through.

    I dunno the gaming press has been trying to make something out of it at least since the weekend but... so far it's mostly people saying "this is going to be so controversial! OMG LOLZ!!!!111" or "Don't get all worked up about this people, it's not a big deal! <nudge nudge, wink wink>" al-be-it in a more professional journaliztic tone (until the comments of course)

    so far it doesn't seem like any one actually cares... they just want to see somethign exciting happen. of course Jack will probably sound off on it eventually (probably on Fox News) and then gamers will bash him for a week then no one will care again....

    hmmm that was more time than I'd planned to spend on that! Oops!
  • Ars Technica: If two boys kiss in a game, how big of a deal is it, really?
    best of the bunch dealing specifically with the kissing... also the only one that I could find not on a gay or gaming site... still the gaming section of a hardware site but... :)
  • A:that was far more detail than I wanted... was just pointing it out!
  • S:sorry hon! I sometimes get caught up in the researcher mode of following something back to see if there is anything to it or if it's just fluff...
  • A:lol
  • S:I didn't actually intend for you to read it :)
  • A:I haven't :)
  • S:maybe I should post it to my blog or something

and that's where all my time goes


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