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Monday, October 16, 2006

BIG day tomorrow

... at noon I get sworn in as a Citizen of the USA.... fukin strange if you ask me smile so I'll no longer be a Canadian Kiwi living in the US, I'll be an American Canuck Kiwi (or something)

It's funny I never had any desire to be a US citizen, generally I always disliked the collective face the US showed the world. Now don't get me wrong I've always known Americans who are/were good people but the whole package together was always a bit of a problem for me.... Now that I've lived here for 4 or 5 years or whatever it's been, I'm pretty excited actually... and I don't know why. I still probably wouldn't do it if they were going to make me give up my other ones but since they're not I think it's pretty damn cool actually.

So now it's bed time! (soon)


Blogger avatar_of_cunning said...

Do I get to laugh at you for being American? And if not, why not!?


Congrats hon, I'm excited they finally realised you're not this murderer from Dartmouth... Excited to hear about it too!

6:17 am  

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