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Tuesday, November 02, 2010


First a side note, I really need to figure out some way to organize my blogs so they make some topical sense and don't excessively overlap. If there are people with opinions, share.

I just got back from voting, having spent much of the last week trying to develop some opinions about the candidates, some ideas about what the jobs actually are, etc. I've had plenty of time to do this and I still don't really have a clue for most of them. How can we really expect that "the will of the voters" is being done, when it seems so unreasonable to expect everyone or even a representative slice of people, to inform themselves about all of the issues? The same applies to private health insurance or even health care, the amount of time and expertise that it takes to become sufficiently well informed to make a good decision is unrealistic. And I think this is broadly true across many different areas of our lives, too much choice creates an unreasonable burden on individuals, which expands areas where unequal information can lead people to make decisions that are not in their own or the general best interest.

Hmmm need to work on that thought a bit, but to become sufficiently expert on all the minutia of all the decisions that we have to make to get through life, would take so much time that there would be little time left for anything else.


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