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Friday, October 29, 2010

Current thinking

Constitutional Amendment: It's a bit like bolting the door after the horse has bolted, but recall provisions makes some sense. I think it's silly to limit to provisions to only the governors office but... there you go.

Senate: I'll probably vote for Gianaoolois (D) on the basis that the race is close enough that it could matter. And another Democrat in the senate could be helpful to our WiseLeader's agenda.

House: I kinda like the little I know about the incumbent in IL7 or where ever I am. I may end up going for random 3rdparty/independent as a protest against the 2 party FPP system (a pet peeve of mine) since this is a bit of a lock anyway.

Governor: Ummm... both main guys are awful. Brady is a typical pro-business single issue focused republican, who has solid Christian morality (to get votes, since his economic plan is vacuous). Quinn was "either asleep at the wheel or out for himself" while Leitenant gov to Blago. ... Which leaves independent Scott Lee Cohen (exDemocratic ticket, violent history, unpaid bills) Libertarian Lex Green (A little too "magic of free markets" for my taste), and the Green one, Rich Whitney who actually seems to have a plan. I can't honestly say I'd agree with all of it, but... he has a plan and has enough sense to be making a big deal out of cleaning up IL politics. I think I like him, and would rather have him working for me than either of the other guys.

Now to look at the other races and try to figure out what all the jobs actually are.


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