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Thursday, September 11, 2008

$#%*^%(&*^ Lipstick

The tone (and (lack of) content) of so-called political discourse in this country makes me so angry.
At least some people manage to make some rational points, but it's still sad that points like this need to be made at all.

I'm also pleased to see that Canada will have a new (same?) government in place before the US even votes. But even there, that Harper so quickly went back on his law to limit elections to every for years on a fixed date is rather sad. And of course we have yet to see what the tone of political discourse will be up there.

Bah. The temptation just to stick my head in the sand gets stronger and stronger all the time.

Update: This is a whole other and much much more terrifying issue.

Going to the ends of the earth.


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