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Monday, March 03, 2008


Rather unexpectedly... a slight diversion from my (recently) typical election related news commentary.

I feel as if the only things that I've read today have been about rising comodity prices (most particularly: food).

I've had 2 articles from the Financial Times open in my browser since last week. The first is a guide page to their significant selection of actual articles and content about rising food prices, while the second page that I've had open is the associated multimedia content. Both of which I'm really interested in reading/viewing but which I've not taken the time to yet. Of course I'm sure that having that open has coloured my perception of the days content.

Then over lunch I was reading the WSJ and they also also had a front page article about resource shortages. This time instead of food it was sawdust.

I think there was another article somewhere... it might have this one about the potential of a commodities bubble from the economist.

Anyway I don't really have anything to offer about these except that it paints a bit of a bleak future if news coverage is an accurate indicator of future trends.
Or present trends for that matter.

Mr President?
What do you know about manticores?
Godamn near everything.


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