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Wednesday, October 17, 2007

This Friday: New Pornographers

So I've gone and done it again.
I have a single, fresh, never used ticket to the New Pornographers show this friday. yes THIS FRIDAY the 19th at 9pm at the metro. Which I find myself unable to use. ()&$%%*@#

But this does provide you lovely people with a last chance to get a ticket to this sold out show. :)
face was $35

let me know if you're interested and we can figure out how to get the ticket to you.

oh yeah Emma Pollock & Benjy Ferree are opening.

I'm really annoyed about this... esp since I just did the same thing for Pitchfork this summer. I really wanted to see these guys... I think I saw them once before .... back in my first? second year of uni? maybe it was someone else. the wiki says that they only formed in 97 so they would have been real new back then, and there is no way my school was that cool. :P
But Neko Case was freakin' awesome last summer on her solo tour. It would have been damn good to see her again.
but 'tisnot to be.

back to work.

"I think I was a bacteria in a former life. I take cleanliness as a personal affront."
-Luca Turin


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