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Monday, October 22, 2007

iPod annoyances

Well that was clever.
I just reset my iPod to "Factory Settings" which should be a pretty straight forward way to get rid of a couple of missing file gremlins and other undesirable behaviour I'd witnessed. I was also thinking that I'd sync it with my work computer because I spend more time here and my library is better organized (mostly because it's so much smaller).

But no. The stupid process at no point told me that I'd need to have the wall plug power adaptor on hand to finish the process. so now my ipod won't work and I can't do anything about it. until I get home. assuming that it's sleeping properly, because it sure won't let me do anything else now.

Bah. silly bastard device.

On the plus side that should be a good excuse for me to see if I have all of my ipod wires etc at the new place or if they are still in boxes in the 'rents garage.

and this would be a lot less of an issue if I weren't off to toronto for the rest of the week on wednesday.

"I think I was a bacteria in a former life. I take cleanliness as a personal affront."
-Luca Turin


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