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Thursday, August 30, 2007

WORST lunch experience.

So there I was just about 4 minutes ago... finally taking lunch 'cause
I decided that 3pm was probably getting on even tho I wasn't terribly
MMMMm start looking forward to my sandwich (pepper turkey and spinach
on homemade pumpernickel bread.)

First bite. MMmmmm CRUNCH. wtf? that didn't feel or sound like
anything I put in there... turns out I seem to have gotten a bit of
glass from a wine glass I broke a few weeks ago in to the bread.

I was rather surprised that finding glass in my food brought on such a
strong gag reflex.

But that was the end of lunch. I guess I'll have to make more bread
tonight. And remember to pitch the rest of that loaf (Ye GODS I'm so
glad I didn't bring that to dinner last night!)

As if I needed more things to interfere with productivity today.


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