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Saturday, May 26, 2007

Slightly better update than I've done in a while.

MMMMmmmm Soup is good.

Yeah I know I've been "phoning it in" with my last few posts

Getting closer and closer to the SGC live band karaoke & pizza and drinking etc

I'm watching "Adventure Bhutan" that was on discovery last sunday... Damn it's got some seriously bad ass kayaking and rafting... makes me really want to get back on a river... it's been years.... bah I'm so lazy in my old age

that I've been planning to post for the last 2 months since Architectonic & I went to the zoo.

Some more photos
, this time from my trip to Vancouver at the end of April.

Oh and here's the part of the post I had meant to finish:

Oh god. I'm such a slacker!

Been far to long since I've updated here... and not been around much either. Just feeling lonely really... and wanting to bludgeon reality into submission.

So, yeah, lets see if I can make this a proper update for the 3 weeks since Architectonic left.

So she left on the Tuesday. And I was sad. But was crazy busy 'cause on Saturday I had to leave for Vancouver to give a speech at a Health Food Association conference there on Sunday. It went well. And then I had some time to go for Korean BBQ, watch Hot Fuzz, catch up with a good buddy from High school, and visit with Aunt and Uncle and cousins. Next day was up the mountain in the morning, then almost went sailing but there was no wind so we went for a walk on the beach instead.

And now I should think about showering and getting ready to go out...

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