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Wednesday, April 18, 2007


K Seriously.

I'm watching Bloodrayne. but I had to stop it 'cause it's so bad.
The casting? Sucks. These people don't even come close to being convincing. and are generally too well known to get a pass.
The pacing? K kinda close to almost being OK. but...
The plot? Full of holes. seriously I don't actually care about anyone, no-one's motivation is the least bit complete or interesting or even credible for that matter.
The fight choreography? needlessly gory. And not even well done. To the point that they are showing blood spurting from dismembered bodies when you didn't even get to see the killing blow.

I'm just getting annoyed.

By comparison 300 really was a work of genius, even though it was really just OK. (But the IMAX made it cooler.)

Really I am going to do a full update of the past month with photos and everything but this just needed to be said.


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