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Thursday, August 31, 2006

Flickr: More detail about beerstore

Mystery of the beer store rainbow photo

I need toknow who took this picture... It's driving me nuts... It's not more a mystery than anything else anyone has every found online I guess but damn... someone on Sept 3rd 2003 took this picture and somehow the camera exif information has been retained on this and one other flickr page... but they weren't posted until 2006.. so I dunno...

have to spend some time on this another time...

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Translated version of
This is probably my new favorite site. If only because it seems to be the only onther peron activly using my name to post anything :)

People use it as a login name all the time, which annoys me, but this seems to be the only place online wehre I can find more than traces of someone who used to use it....
All mortals tend to turn into the things they are pretending to be.
- C.S. Lewis

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The Great Unread

From a comment on Rough Type: Nicholas Carr's Blog: The Great Unread:
"Perhaps for people who are using blogging as a way to route around old media, sure, your low readership may be disappointing. But I, and most of my friends who blog, are only trying to route around sending mass emails to family and friends. Or sending letters to the editor. Or participating in discussion boards. In that context, 50 people reading my blog seems quite gratifying.

Posted by: EzraBall at August 15, 2006 02:09 PM"

The original blog post was about how blogging is dominated by an elite much the same as other media. It's actually a very interesting comentary on the hype about blogs as a counter to "big/old media." I guess the real underlying issue is that there is more than one "blogosphere" and that all participants in any such thing necisarily have their own goals and reasons for doing it (or reading it).

Monday, August 07, 2006


So Lolla this past weekend eh? Wow...

This will be just a mini update... I'll try to do more tonight before I collapse but.... well I've promised similar things before :)

Stupid work kept me from getting there until 5:30 but I did make it in time for Iron & Wine which was good.
The rest of the evening was basically just wandering & sitting & drinking Bud (<ick> ... <shrug>)
We caught some of The Raconteurs, Violent Femmes, VHS or BETA and Death Cab for Cutie
Oh yeah we also went to the Blackalicious after show at the House of Blues.... Omega Watts and 1773 were lots of fun, and Lyrics Born was fricking amazing, but unfortunately Blackalicious was pretty much a disappointment.

Another start to the day a bit later than we wanted but by 2:30 we were back in the think of things (after stopping for some sushi for lunch/breakfast.... MMMMMmmmm)
Saturday was by far the highlight day starting with Coheed and Cambria (pretty fun), then Wolfmother (not bad.. but not great), we caught a couple of songs from Calexico before Sonic Youth, then the big surprise of the weekend, The Dresden Dolls, wow! are they ever a lot of fun!!!! I want a "coin operated boy" too! Flaming Lips were damn good too, but we stayed back so we had a good spot for Thievery Corporation. Who rocked. Then rounded out the day with some mad dancing to Manu Chao. We met up with some friends down from Canada for the festival and offered them a place to crash (they slept in their van on friday night)... However I was the only one who actually slept...

everyone else stayed up drinking until about 6:30 (after waking me up and dragging me out to watch the sunrise.. bastards...) So I was of course the only one ready to go at a decent time. Sara was feeling pretty off tho... so while the rest of the posse headed out at about 2, we stuck around home & she slept while I watched TV (X games & Cartoons! woot!) and read computer magazines... we finally managed to haul ourselves up and out in time to catch a cab down to the park just in time for the final few chords of Broken Social Scene before the big guns came out... apparently something like 70,000 people where there for the Red Hot Chilli Peppers... Wow that was a hell of a show. Then home again for a last ditch attempt to get rested for this morning...

and despite my best efforts (aka decent amount of sleep both nights) I still feel rough this morning.... this "working stiff/cubicle monkey" life while hanging out with people on vacation really sucks...

"This could be your last Verb the Adjective Noun!"
-- Abe Lincoln's Foster Father, prior to Abe's prom date with Cleopatra

O Canada, do we stand on guard for thee?

Some debate about dual citizenship in Canada and elsewhere. From Macleans Magazine

Generally I'm going to stop using this blog as a bookmarking tool. Instead I'll use my account which I've also got feeding into a box on the left of this page if you're interested in what I'm finding interesting.

Friday, August 04, 2006


W00t! Loolapalooza has started and we keep getting loud doses of the "Bud Light" Stage in the office... makes me want to be there... esp since I've sent Ian and Sara off for the afternoon!

I also just added my recent bookmarks from to the side bar of this page. Damn it's starting to get cluttered! :)

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