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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

K. Let's do this

It's nearly 6 and if I'm lucky I've only got about 4 hours of
rewriteing the overview section of a food packaging report ahead of
me. .... Yay.

I've been buried under a mass of emails and revisions and madness for
the past week. So I haven't had any time to deal with all of these
other issues that have been piling up.

All I need are like 16 more hours everyday....
but even then I wouldn't use them effectivly.

On the plus side I've been off my ADD meds for the past weekish... and
I'm doing OK... besides the headaches that show up now and then. I'm
dropping the ball occassionally (ie still haven't dropped off my check
for this months rent.... which I need to do today.. with it being the
first already again and all...)

Why the hell isn't firefox spell checking this for me?



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