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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

another thought

Yeah I'm still working on the damnable report.... and it's now
officially 4 hours after I started moving towards doing it. BAH!

Hmmmm I really did have a random thought that I was going to share...

but now I've not got a clue what it was...

which tells you something of the state my mind is in and why it's so
hard for me to be trying to write at the moment

and seriously why the hell is firefox not speel checkign me?

I have it! my original reason for a second bring random short duration post!

I think I set a new record today... I sent.... <drumroll> 66 emails
today.... <crash>

I toatally need to leard to touch-type one day.... but I was too fast
at hunt and peck before anyone tried to teach me to type properly and
have never had the patience since.... I'm vaguely embarassed about it
every now an then... but right now my hands just hurt and I want a
Dvorak keyboard

or to be going home

All mortals tend to turn into the things they are pretending to be.
- C.S. Lewis


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