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Monday, October 09, 2006

Damn coffee!!!

Well it was a good weekend even if a bit too short. but then that always are.
Picked up Ian on Saturday morning then Quznos, swapped cars, put on
some laundry and went out to the track for a few hours. (Stopped for
Starbucks on the way of course) I didn't drive 'cause it's been a
crazy long time since I did and the last time I did was when I met the
fence. But Ian did drive and I went out with him a couple of times
which was fun, as always! He's really quite good considering he's only
been out 4 times or so... then straight up to the Rock Bottom for
beers & Little Miss Sunshine which was good. Then home & bed.

Woke up much earlier than would have been good to go get Claire,
(Caribou coffee on the way) then back to the apartment (which was a
pig-sty & very embarassing) they helped me pick stuff up off the floor
which was nice of them, then we headed out for breakfast at Stella's
diner on the corner there, & walked around a bit. Ian wanted to go
back to the Hollywood place again so we did that... it was
interesting, I'd not been there before. Once we got back (with some
good teas from Argo) we crossed off a few other plans (Outlet mall,
Museum, Zoo, Blue man group, etc) and went on a hike to go see if we
could find a particular pair of Simple shoes for Ian. We did
eventually, but neither of the places had his size :( (I'll leave out
the part about my ass cheeks chaffing each other somehow... It's not
actually possible that I'm getting fat... I was pretty sure you had to
eat to do that :P)

So then Picked up some beer, cider & vodka, chilled out for a bit &
then dinner @ Duck Walk (MMMMmmm Thai for Thanksgiving excelent!) &
then home for some Scrubs before bed.

Then this morning, Corner Bakery for breakfast (with coffee of course)
I, C, M&D will do lunch for thanksgiving again (assuming that the
flight from Sao Palo hasn't destroyed Mum/Mom & Dad too much!)
Apparently I won't see Ian again until Feb or Easter or next summer :(

Then tonight I'll be heading back out to get my hair cut 'cause it's
silly long right now, then I'll probably drive back downtown
tonight... I really should make those calls to get my car fixed...
stupid dents.
Suppose that I should get back to work <sigh>

Oh PS yay! Pledge of allegience next tuesday (17th) at noon I think...
kick ass. I was a bit worried that it was going to be tight getting my
passport before december... but as long as I get that started on
wednesday it should be fine!

All mortals tend to turn into the things they are pretending to be.
- C.S. Lewis


Blogger avatar_of_cunning said...

Sounds like fun, sorry I didn't get to speak to you though.

Still haven't solved the Thunderbird issue, thought that if I didn't have to open FireFox I might not get so distracted :) but apparently it's not to be :(

1:50 pm  

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