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Monday, May 05, 2008

Why I like Obama: Today's edition

It's not quite a puff piece, although I suppose that I could understand how it might be seen as such.
It is however the most eloquent explanation of why I think Barack is the most appealing person in politics.
It's not far different from what I've said before, just that he is willing to adhere to his morality even when it may not be the most politically expedient thing to do.

Favourite bits:
It's just that what Obama is trying to hold himself above isn't moral imperfection but moral pretense, which can be confusing at a time when politics is all about shot-and-a-beer charades and flags-of-our-father's puffery.

Clinton and her husband long ago cultivated an image of themselves as tenacious warriors willing to meet the enemy with inexhaustible ferocity. But it's become clear to many of their former supporters during this campaign that their enemy isn't who we thought it was, that it is in fact anyone and anything that gets in the way of The Clintons.

Yet Reverend Wright, who has been completely shut out of the Obama campaign from the beginning, is still a hot-button issue and somehow Mark Penn, still employed by the Clinton campaign, is not. Obama seems genuinely troubled by Wright's words, and the course their relationship has taken, while Clinton only seems bothered by Penn's clumsiness.

Yet she has accused Obama of not being able to "take the heat," because he pointed out the lack of substance in recent debate questions.
Oh to hell with it. Just read the article.



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