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Monday, May 12, 2008

Political Fakery
His leadership defects were especially exposed during the hinge of his premiership thus far: the weeks last autumn when he considered holding a general election. The game-playing exposed Mr Brown's efforts to appear ecumenical—the great Tory-hater taking tea with Lady Thatcher, for instance—as so much cynical manipulation. Worst of all was his behaviour after he pulled back. He first comically denied that opinion polls had affected his decision, then over-hastily emulated a crowd-pleasing Tory tax proposal, leaving an enduring impression of intellectual surrender.
Just replace Mr. Brown in the above paragraph with Mrs. Clinton and fix the situational details and then you've about got it.

Two different stories about two different politicians, suffering from (among many problems they each have) the same basic problem. Lack of authenticity.

Which only leaves the question: Are other politicians just better at faking it?

PS-I've been reminded that I'm cross posting this site on Facebook... Which I find rather hilarious since it means that I come across as way more political than I am. The reality is that I spend more time than I probably should reading about the election and don't have many people to talk about it with so it gets vented here. And this blog wins because it lets me email posts in which means I can do it from work (shhhh!) when I'm busy procrastinating rather than at home when I'm busy relaxing.



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