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Thursday, December 20, 2007

What are they doing?

I mean really.

Well actually I do know what they are doing. They're having a party. Stupid open core historic office buildings. I don't even know who they are but they are loud and have been since at least 3. Freaking Karaoke. _I'm tryin' to work here!!_ grrrr...

Really... I thought that the construction on the two floors directly below us was bad the last couple of nights... but this is so much worse...

The holiday season is so cool. really.
(I actually do kinda like it but... it seems silly to stack numerous vacations, year end deadlines, charitable giving, extensive gifting, travel, and bad weather all into the same few weeks. Can we just move new year to be.. like end of march or something? or all switch to a lunar calendar? bah not real solutions but....)

K back to work.
Happy Holidays to all, I hope that they are relaxing and blissful and long for all of you and yours.

"There has to be something in the stocking that makes a noise. Otherwise, what is 4:30AM for?"
-Death "Hogfather"

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Just 'cause I haven't in a while....

...and 'cause I have other things that I should be doing (:P), I
figured it was time for a little update.

My life sucks, shows little sign of getting any better anytime soon,
and generally seem to be getting worse the more effort I put into
improving it.

I love this month.

Music Saves

"As Canadian as possible under the circumstances."
-Winning entry in a radio contest looking for a Canadian equivalent
for "As American as Apple Pie."

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