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Monday, September 17, 2007

boy oh boy

Thinking coherently today about anything work related is really not happening. Unfortunately it's not a good day to be distracted given that I have so much that needs to be done today, before I go to Montreal for a week.
Damn Damn damn. I bring it on myself, I do, and that's what really hurts.

Monday, September 10, 2007

How to raise the odds that it’s going to be a fantastic day - ---

I know I said that I'd avoid using this just to repost links since I started using but I found this article inspiring enough to highlight it just in case anyone else would like to get a better start to the day.

Maybe I'll explain more about what I liked but I probably won't 'cause I'm trying to work productively today, and the ADD thing will limit any chance of me revisiting it later.

Friday, September 07, 2007

No Name energy drink and Cosmetics presentations

So I just tried the noname energy drink
formerly known as cocaine. It's pretty hilarious. It's got some kind
of ingredient that is meant to simulate the nasal drip allegedly
experienced by users of the real thing. It's also got "3 and a half
Bulls" of energy (aka caffeine). I'm not really sure that it's
something I'd want to drink all the time but it is a novelty.

Now I've got an hour and a half to make some really serious progress
towards getting this cosmetics presentation finished. Only a week and
a half left to practice so I need to have it done already! <Panic!>

Tuesday, September 04, 2007

6-week 2007 Return Ceremony

K let's see... I guess it's now been a week. I really should post
something about my little sojourn up to Canada.

I'm going to make this short 'cause it's old news now but, there was
that little fiasco with the train and the storm and the live wires on
the track that kicked the whole thing off. Then mum and I drove up to
Madison and eventually came into clear skies but it was very late.
Woke up drove all day the next day (friday). (As we were going through
Duluth, Dad called us as he flew over Duluth on his way to Shanghai.
It was kinda cool.)

Crossed the border no problem... but I'm a little confused, If I'm
crossing into Canada on a Canadian passport, are they allowed to ask
what my status is in the US? and then ask to see ID that proves it? I
was OK with it when they did it to me when I had my green card... but
I'm a little less comfortable with it now.

Off to the LCBO where we bought canadian wine and I looked at
packaging, the Rockstar energy drink + vodka RTDs and generally was
not able to stop working even though I was on vacation.

Arrived in kenora at 5 or 6 ish, went to Safeway, got some food, then
went and picked up the boat which was full of water and headed off
down the lake. Dinner was a little over the top, but precooked crab
legs were excellent, I think we had an Iniskillin late autumn Riesling
with it.. worked pretty OK.

Saturday was the 6-week return ceremony which was the whole point of
the trip. Bro & co made it back from northern Saskatchewan and
Manitoba safe and had a good little set of sketches.
I got a lot of sun that afternoon.

I was encouraged to stick around for the staff banquet but it's been
so long since I've worked out there that I really don't know all that
many people anymore. So I didn't. Paddled back to the cottage with mum
and had a nice rack of lamb with asparagus and avocado, accompanied by
a nice Gurestwallen (or whatever) it was.
extra drinks both nites were Woody's Lime and Woddy's Blueberry...
like anyone would care :)

Had a little more time on sunday morning, before picking up bro & girl
at camp and heading for winnipeg and the flight home. Yay! whirlwind
weekends! Didn't have near as much time to catch up with friends as I
would have liked, but c'est la vie. They could always come visit me...
hint hint.

PS. for those of you observant readers who noticed that we drove up
and flew back: the truck was left for moving duty.

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