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Wednesday, June 20, 2007


Syrrys! 4 teh win!

(No I've not actually done anything interesting or important. I just
needed a bit of a pick me up and I figured that a random unjustified
victory was just the thing.)

Monday, June 18, 2007

Pitchfork Music Festival 3-day pass tickets


So I was stumbling around this morning, nearly putting my shredded wheat box back in the wrong place. but that was good because I noticed that I actually have got my Pitchfork tickets! Yay! I had kinda forgotten that I'd received them and was wondering where they were.

But what I also noticed was the dates.

Pitchfork is July 13-15 (yes I got tickets for all three days) but I'm going to be in Winnipeg that weekend, and so won't be able to go to any of it.


So if there is anyone who wants my tickets, let me know. I'd love to get something back so I'm not out the $50. but if I like you we can probably work something out.

Random people are talking about it here (and threatening to kill their mothers for some reason)

PS When looking up how much I paid I just happened to notice that the Friday Tickets and the 3-day passes are all sold out. So if you want to see the whole Day Dream Nation thing.... I'm your last best hope :P

Or something.

PPS OMfG!!!1112 3 day passes are going for $100 on eBay!!!! wow. I'd much rather give it to someone I know tho.

Friday, June 15, 2007

A few random things

About Cicadas (for those who are still unaware):

But that's really a side note... More important is that I had a good
BBQ on Wed, met some good new people, etc. was good. unfortunately I'm
going to miss the next couple of these gatherings which is too bad,
but the company softball team's last game is next week and then I'm
away. so it'll be beginning of july before I get to hang with them
again. I guess it's a "leave them wanting more" approach... :) I do
have a gift for these short bouts followed by long disappearances.
<shrug> maybe one day I'll suddenly become reliable! Ha! that'll be
the day :P

Today I am not going camping up in WI.. which kinda sucks.
but I really need the weekend to visit with the 'rents who were in
Limoux France last week.
And to pack for my own week away in England starting a week today!!! woohoo!
I've started to think about doing the "pre-jet-lag" thing that I
usually do to prep for these trips so that I'm not wasting any of my
time there... but I'm not sure how well I'm going to manage it. I
don't think it's going to get started much/well this weekend... and
the will of course be much drinking... but it occurs to me that I've
missed company drinking before in order to prep for these trips.. so I
can probably do it again...

Hmmmmm gonna need to think about packing (and what I need to clean
before I pack) and as always I should really clean the apt before I
leave so it's not freaky gross when I get back...

Anyway on non-"totally-silly-details-about-my-life-that-you-couldn't-care-about-if-you-tried"
-I'm finally getting my mediaserver organized! So far I'm at D in
terms of re-populating/cleaning-duplicates-from/fixing-tags my iTunes
library. I'm actually finding that getting iTunes to copy and organize
the files as I add them to the Library to be very helpful. I have so
many files is crazy different directories etc from several different
computers that there really is no other way to consolidate everything
in any way that's organized. My ID3 tags could be better but...
<shrug> this "gives me an excuse" to fix them. This is another project
that I really should finish before I leave... Otherwise my iPod is
going to be very empty and full of a really weird mix of stuff.
-Why do i get spam offering to sell me turbo grass seed?
-I've also setup my server to accept Remote Desktop Connections! teh
aw3some! of course it's so slow coming into the cable modem from
outside... silly bandwidth throttling! but very nice while I'm at
home... I can get the server started working on things, flip out and
surf on my laptop checking back occasionally to see when the next
batch of files is done processing. It's a bit of a power trip.
-The plan is to be up in winnipeg on friday jul 13/14 which probably
means taking another day off to drive up on thursday evening/night.
Just need to figure out if my dad is driving up then too.
- Ummm yeah I think that about covers all the things I was going to
vomit into the ethers. I should really get back to work so I'm not
panicking too much next week trying to get ready to be gone.

Thursday, June 07, 2007


I like sports photography.... even if I generally don't much like sports
Went to one of my company's softball games last night. It was good.
Even if they lost.


Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not receiving text messages sucks.

So I'm annoyed with AT&T Wireless/Cingular/AT&T or who ever they are
now. Some time last week it seems that they just stopped sending me my
text messages. Most particularly ones from the UK. I've gotten some of
them with a 2 day delay.. but most seem to just not be showing up. I
can send fine but I'm just not getting them.

Bah! Totally sucks.

Also slept really badly 2 nights ago then woke up with a sore throat.
It's not bothered me tooo much during the day but I have been aware of
it. then I was out last night and did not go to be as promptly as I
should have when I got home so I woke up this morning feeling even
worse. fsukin' sucks.

Ummm yeah besides that I've not got much... oh yeah as long as I'm
bitching, my arms are still sore from my "marathon" Zelda session on
Sunday. Obviously need more exercise. :)

Now I just can't believe that it's still only/already 4. I wanted to
be more productive today but the day has been draging at the same
time. which sucks. Hopefully tomorrow will flow better.

Monday, June 04, 2007


So I was reading a random blog
(yeah I know should be working. don't want to hear it.) ...and the guy
was saying that he'd finally posted an FAQ and a list of speaking
engagements after procrastinating about it for 2+ years (actually
reminds me of the missing "Dramatis Personae" over at but that's beside
the point)

The point I wanted to make was that he used a great term which is
highly appropriate to posting things on the internet but also to many
other things in my life that I slack off on (you hear that
cleaning-my-apartment? I'm coming for you now!!!) Anyway, I keep
drifting sorry. His phrase was:

"digital content can always be refined later" so just getting
something... Anything... up makes a difference and makes the process
of refining it much less daunting.

I like this idea.
Now excuse me while I go make stickers that I can put up all over the
place to remind me that I should be "just getting things done" rather
than avoiding them by doing things like making stickers.

PS: notice how I remembered to switch to plain text? maybe I'll come
back and fix the links properly later. Probably not.

PPS do NOT apply this approach to anything that might be dangerous.
or to cooking food. or to anything else that you cannot fix later.

" );