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Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Neko Case

Had a good night out. Missed free drinks with work folks but went to see Neko Case and spent too much on Merch and beer.
It was awesome. and I love venues that I/we can walk home from and count wildlife.

It was good. Not sex good... but good.

OMGZ Giant Rabbits! Run!

Thursday, March 22, 2007

I'm weak.

Sometimes my ADD gets the better of me.
I just bought a projector.

It may have been a mistake.
But it's payday tomorrow.
I'll just need to suddenly become a good person for the next few months.
:( but I am excited.... not it's a race. will the projector or the wii get here first?

Saturday, March 17, 2007

A few things....

A few things that need to be addressed:

Firstly, a major disaster befell me this morning. I won an ebay auction... for a wii. Which was very very exciting. But which I cannot afford at all. Disaster.

Secondly, the seller dropped the wii when he was packing it and now it won't turn on. Then paypal went screwy on him so he's having some trouble refunding my payment. Hopefully there will not be further tragedies, and I will get my money back so I can get another one.  

...who am I kidding I'm already winning 3 auctions for other ones. Still want the money back tho. (So far he has seemed earnest, and I feel bad that he's now stuck trying to get a wii that he doesn't want repaired. But...

Thirdly, I've done nothing like any of the cleaning/dishes/tidying/moving furniture that it was absolutely mandatory that I did tonight. None.

Fourthly, 3 and a half days! I'm so excited!

Fifthly, #3 + #4 equals I'm going to be in trouble because of number 6.

Sixthly, I'm still pretty much planning to go out for the river dyeing/parade/drinking tomorrow. Which will lead to a hangover on sunday thus preventing me from making up for lost time.

Seventhly, apparently "Seventhly" isn't a word.

Eigthly, well none of them are anymore.

Ninethly, Doctor Who? Second Series? ... Fucking rawks!!!! biatch! :P Yeah You're totally right Architectonic... David Tennet is a babe. and the founding of Torchwood? Totally not how I was expecting it. And this next episode? The one with Anthony Stuart Head? is totally causing my latent Buffy Geek to emerge. Particularly after the werewolves. The presence of a blond girl who kicks ass helps too.

Tenthly, (which suddenly is a word again) why is BBC wales giving special props to the CBC (that's the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation you uninformed heathens!) at the end of the episode credits? (at least for the werewolf one. Haven't checked the others yet.)

Eleventhly, yeah I said "A few" as if there were going to be more than ten of these.

Monday, March 05, 2007



yes that's a scream of anguish, pain and anger.

OMGZ Giant Rabbits! Run!

Friday, March 02, 2007

$267 million

and approximately 1 in 176 million odds of getting the right numbers. (not counting the chance that another ticket will get the same number or that there will be partial winners etc reduces the "rational investment" argument but...) (Mega Millions)

So I just put a dollar into the office lottery ticket fund. I wasn't going to because I'm 100% certain, beyond any shadow of a doubt that we will not win.

BUT. IF. Somehow. The office were to win? and I was one of the only ones not in on it? damn.

The downside risk was too much. $1 was a good investment against being left behind. Just in case.

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