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Monday, June 04, 2007


So I was reading a random blog
(yeah I know should be working. don't want to hear it.) ...and the guy
was saying that he'd finally posted an FAQ and a list of speaking
engagements after procrastinating about it for 2+ years (actually
reminds me of the missing "Dramatis Personae" over at but that's beside
the point)

The point I wanted to make was that he used a great term which is
highly appropriate to posting things on the internet but also to many
other things in my life that I slack off on (you hear that
cleaning-my-apartment? I'm coming for you now!!!) Anyway, I keep
drifting sorry. His phrase was:

"digital content can always be refined later" so just getting
something... Anything... up makes a difference and makes the process
of refining it much less daunting.

I like this idea.
Now excuse me while I go make stickers that I can put up all over the
place to remind me that I should be "just getting things done" rather
than avoiding them by doing things like making stickers.

PS: notice how I remembered to switch to plain text? maybe I'll come
back and fix the links properly later. Probably not.

PPS do NOT apply this approach to anything that might be dangerous.
or to cooking food. or to anything else that you cannot fix later.


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