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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Not receiving text messages sucks.

So I'm annoyed with AT&T Wireless/Cingular/AT&T or who ever they are
now. Some time last week it seems that they just stopped sending me my
text messages. Most particularly ones from the UK. I've gotten some of
them with a 2 day delay.. but most seem to just not be showing up. I
can send fine but I'm just not getting them.

Bah! Totally sucks.

Also slept really badly 2 nights ago then woke up with a sore throat.
It's not bothered me tooo much during the day but I have been aware of
it. then I was out last night and did not go to be as promptly as I
should have when I got home so I woke up this morning feeling even
worse. fsukin' sucks.

Ummm yeah besides that I've not got much... oh yeah as long as I'm
bitching, my arms are still sore from my "marathon" Zelda session on
Sunday. Obviously need more exercise. :)

Now I just can't believe that it's still only/already 4. I wanted to
be more productive today but the day has been draging at the same
time. which sucks. Hopefully tomorrow will flow better.


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