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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Google Desktop just saved me hours of work

I was foolingsh and accidentally closed the file I've been working on.
but apparently I've had my computer running for a few weeks an had
neglected to save a copy of the file since the rewrite of the excutive
summary that I did 2 and a half weeks ago.

Now I know having to redo things that you've just don't cause the
computer crashed is a pain and very frustrating.... but OMG having to
redo essentially finished work that you don't remember the details of
because you were stupid? FUCKing hell I was angry.... really wanted to
break things....

If i had a choice that would have been the time that I packed it in
and went home in frustration... but I can't so I didn't...

I decided to check google desktop to see if I had maybe saved it
somewhere else... and that's when I lucked out, because google takes
snapshots of things.... and while I suspect that I'm still missing
some... I'm in a much better spot than I would otherwise have been...

now back to the task at hand.


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