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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Ack!!! dead computer.

So I arrived into the office this morning after having turned my
computer off last night for the first time since at least the 16th of

Hit the power button, went to go get some water, came back and just
caught the dreaded B.Sod before the system rebooted.
(Blue-Screen-of-DEATH for those who might not be used to having
acromyms pronounced)

Technical ranting [spoiler]
Apparently there was a fatal error in the login process and the
windows core terminated unexpectedly...

Safe Mode was a no go. (same result)
Safe Mode command prompt also no go.

I even burrowed into the server closet for a windows 2000 disk and
tried to repair windows that way.

no luck with the automated repair process
and the recovery console wants the Administator password so no luck
there either.

I currently suspect that it either:
A. a bad sector on the hard disk in a very inopportune location
B. a problem caused by IT adding the IE7 install blocker to the login
script. (however this really shouldn't have effected me at all as IE7
doesn't work on windows 2000 so should have needed to be blocked on my
computer) but they did add that last night so it's a possibility
/Technical ranting [/spoiler]

Anyway so now I'm working on a co-workers computer, which has been a
real struggle to get all the apps etc that I need set up on the fresh
user account. and that's just the minimal outlook, office, our inhouse
database etc

I'm still doing without Firefox, Gtalk, and all my other little helpers.

On the plus side once I talk to Ed, I'll probably get a new computer!
I was holding out for Vista, but no more PIII 450 will be good enough.

(Sorry for the high frequency of computer related posts lately.... it
never rains, but it pours.)

All mortals tend to turn into the things they are pretending to be.
- C.S. Lewis


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