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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Stem Cell Wrinkle Cream? Probably not

Bodyhack was where I saw this originally.

So I was intrigued by reading the source press release... so I followed the link to the amatokin (name still makes me giggle... hrm. anyway) site... then I became more intrigued by the link to Sephora on that home page. Of course a couple of quick searches of Sephora turned up no instances of the name. It could still have been a clever marketing campaign but I would have been surprised that such a major company would have risked that kind of controversy.

So I did some Whois lookups on which is apparently owned by a company called Western Holdings, LLC and registed with an email address at (which is also registed to this Western Holdings, LLC).

A couple of quick searches later I couldn't find anything except allegations of fraud, breach of trust, or just about anyother shady/scam-y dealing you could name. These seem to be the same guys behind most of the dodgier late night weightloss supplement infomercials.

Playing detective is fun!


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