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Friday, June 23, 2006

IBM's 500GHz processor? Not so fast...

So there's this article over at Ars Techinica that makes sense of all the coverage of the "new 500Ghz IBM chip ZOMG!" basically the deal is that this type of transistor (not a chip infact) is used to broadcast & receive the radio frequency (yes these are analog circuits) thus this higher frequency will just make it possible to use new portions of the spectrum (Like a radio with a bigger dial), rather than having any impact on processing speeds at all.

Thank You Ars Technica! too bad explanation this will never appear in any mainstream news source and even if it did how would you write a headline for it that people would actually read?

oh just incase you missed it here's the original Georgia Tech press release. The tech press then sort of ran with it and at least one article that I read was saying that we should expect to see this technology in our desktop computers in 12-18 months becasue it uses conventional silicon manufacturing techniques. It does and we could see it soon but damned if I know why I'd want one in my desktop .


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