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Monday, June 26, 2006

The Fishbowl: We Come to Bury WinFS...

The Fishbowl: We Come to Bury WinFS...: "It’s perfectly reasonable to sugar-coat a bitter pill, but giving someone a teaspoon of sugar while you sneak up behind them with the suppository won’t make you any friends at all."

heheheh... good line and besides that it's actually an interesting article on press releases and the media and "spin" in both. It would actually be interesting to extend the concept (press releases about bad things are relentlessly positive, in the assumption that the media (intermediary) will see the truth amongst the bullshit but then take a positive quote to lighten the otherwise negative news.) to something like US politics and whether or not there has been a failure of this system or any of the players in it.

Ah... good old media theory, what fun.


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