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Friday, September 09, 2005


Started watching it last night and was really enjoying it. I have actually seen the first few episodes before back in 1997-98 or so... and since the DVD says that the english translation is c1999 it makes me think I might have seen a fansub...

Anyway the point of this, beyond just a random snapshop of my evening, is that the dub translation might actually be better than the sub... and unlike many other shows that have good dub translation... I can actually tolerate (and ocasionally even enjoy) the voice acting! whoa!

I should probably explain that I generally watch dvd's with the subs+japanese language track but I'll often switch to the english dub if I'm doing something that might prevent me from looking at the TV (such as eating)... and in this case I left the subtitles on when I did so... or wait no I didn't but I didn't go back to japanese right away and wasn't able to understand/hear the word "land" in the second episode when the first robot is launching... so I turned to subs back on... and kinda left them for a while...

Too much detail I know :)


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