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Thursday, July 14, 2005

I cried aloud with mirth and merriment.

Yeah so this is actually pretty widely available... and thus I've seem it before but...
This is just such a funny write-up

Audi-Oh iPod Vibrator

Portable Media filed under Portable Media : iPod

audioh1.jpgHere's one for the ladies. The Audi-Oh audio vibrator buzzes in time to any music you run through its audio jack. Want a quickie? Plug in some polka. Want a long and luxurious barn burner? Try Gregorian chant interspersed with NIN. The possibilities are endless. You can even hit a club or go see the Boston Pops and pipe the live audio into your love flower.

I don't think the world of audio-didonics has been sufficiently explored and this is really a step in the right direction. Soon women will no longer need us. They'll just need a long train going by. It's available for $69.95 at the aptly-named Grand Opening.[Thanks, Katie]

The Audi-Oh - Vibrator for your iPod [ShinyShiny]

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